Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Zalvy's Saga - Free Android Game.

Zalvy's Saga: My first Android platformer game.
I put a lot of time on this game, but unfortunately I did not get the response I expected.
It was a real challenge to create this game and I worked really hard on the story.

-This story take place in Yurnia , a fantasy land and very like Earth. Like in any civilization there are always different ideas and ideals.  This is where Zalvyc’s
story begins. Ibel his stepbrother disappeared weeks ago.  To make things worst, a group of rebels have
emerged, they do all kind of bad thing in the cities and towns of Yurnia, like stealing, pickup fights and harassing females.
There is a rumor about where Ibel could be.  Apparently Ibel has been kidnapped by the rebels.  The problem is that nobody knows where is the rebels hideout. Zalvyc will have to investigate first.-

Try it here is the free .apk for Zalvy's Saga: Download

Here is a preview of what the game looks like.

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