Monday, May 4, 2015

New Car Game: Moon Traffic Racer

I am proud to announce my lasted game: Moon Traffic Racer. I wanted to make a game like this for a long time. I finally manage to do it. Check it out.

Game Description:
Be the first to drive this new car prototype. Avoid hitting the other cars or your automobile will suffer damage. If the armor bar gets to 0 the game will be over. Collect "armor shields" to recover the armor bar.
Do not get off from the road or your car will get stuck in the Moon and the game will end. Also be careful not to run out of energy. Keep collecting "blue energy" to add time to your game. If you run out of energy (time), the game will be over.
Beat the traffic and collect as many gold coins as you can to reach the highest score.
- Touch the screen to make the car accelerate. Stop touching the screen to stop the car.
- Move the phone from side to side to make the car go right or left.
- Collect the "blue energy" rays to gain time.
- Collect as many coins as you can to reach the highest score.
- Collect the "shields" to recover your car's armor.

Find the extra car after playing the first game.

I hope you like it.  Download the .APK.

1 comment:

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